National Crowdfunding Advisors (NCA) is your one stop source for Crowdfunding Information, Crowdfunding preparation, Social Media strategies,  business credit establishment and many other business/financial services.Unlike other companies, NCA prides itself on service and guidance for clients with a genuine desire to help you succeed. Whether you are thinking of trying to crowdfund a business or looking for guidance on the process – look to NCA’s in-house team of Crowdfunding, business and social media experts.

$995 Bronze Crowd Funder Package:

  • Social Media Guide
  • Guide to Incorporating Your Business
  • Business Start-up Guide –
  • Crowd Coach Support 3 mo.

$1997 Silver Crowd Funder Package:

  • Entity formation
  • Company bios/principles
  • Logo creation
  • Social Media Tier I  Including; Face Book Fan Page Creation with a vanity URL and  First Post, Twitter 1. Twitter Page Creation with first Post, Linked In Account (Personal Profile up to 3), Company Blog with First Post, You Tube Account Creation and Video Optimization and 2x Optimized Press Releases –
  • Directory Submission
  • Platform recommendations
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Rewards Program development and affilate marketing recommedatons
  • Compliance Check
  • Crowd Coach Support 6 mo.

$4997 Gold Crowd Funder Package– All of the above PLUS: –

  • Detailed Business and marketing plans
  • Background checks
  • Social Media Tier II (monthly updates)
  • Social media marketing consultation
  • Corporate consultations
  • Website Creation (3-5 pages)
  • Affiliate Marketing Review
  • Crowd Coach Support 1 yr.

Additional Products and Services

$4997 Video shoot/editing services –

$997 Complete SEO/Social Media package

Prices Vary -Monthly PNL statements w/ complete financials projections –

Prices Vary – Business Valuation