crowdfunding1The key to successful crowdfunding is understanding the commitment the process entails. Crowdfunding can provide a fantastic opportunity for small businesses, but it should not be entered into lightly and, to be successful, requires a careful strategy.

Make sure you have the resource in place to promote your pitch daily, as well as take every phone call and answer every email from potential investors. You need to create and maintain momentum to meet your target.

Prior planning is crucial – how are you going to create a buzz around your business? Find out who your potential customers are and court them for several months before launching your pitch, finding out what kinds of rewards would entice them to invest. That way, when you launch the crowdfunding, people will be excited and you can get your business off to the best start.

If you’re interested in raising finance using crowdfunding take a look at our crowdfunding platform. We’ve partnered with Crowdcube to offer businesses a new way to raise seed or growth capital.

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