Proving The Value Of Crowdfunding!

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Proving The Value Of Crowdfunding, Soldsie Raises $425K And Hires One Of 72 Investors Via FundersClub Online venture capital firm FundersClub is pioneering equity crowdfunding and today demonstrated the value of bringing on dozens of investors rather than a handful. E-commerce startup Soldsie just raised $425,000 from 72 investors through FundersClub, and ended up hiring one. New Chief Scientist Yun-Fang Juan, a founding engineer of...

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Crowdfunding 101

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With the ongoing economic crisis causing banks to tighten their lending criteria, entrepreneurs may need to find alternative sources of funding to get their start-ups off the ground. In fact, 65% of entrepreneurs planned to seek alternative finance sources in 2012 and this will only grow in 2013, according to recent surveys. No one is claiming that crowd funding is an easy way to cheap investment opportunities, but these new platforms could...

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